Krešimir Vuković, D.Phil. (Oxon.)

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    • 04/2023 – 09/2023 Researcher at University of Venice, Ca’ Foscari
    • 10/2022 – 06/2023 Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Zagreb
    • 10/2020 – 03/2023 Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow, LMU München
    • 11/2018 – 09/2020 Lecturer in Ancient History, Catholic University of Croatia (teaching three courses per semester, examining)
    • 10/2017 – 07/2018 Rome Fellow of the British School at Rome (postdoctoral research)
    • 09/2016 – 09/2017 Lecturer in Classics, Oriel College, University of Oxford (teaching five hours/week, interviewing for admission, examining)
    • 09/2015 – 09/2017 Instructor in Ancient Greek and Latin, Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford (teaching six hours/week, examining)
    • 09/2012 – 09/2015 Graduate Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Classics, Oxford
    • 09/2014 – 06/2015 Assistant Student Librarian at Merton College, Oxford


    • 2011-15 Doctoral degree in Classics at the University of Oxford. Thesis title: The Roman Festival of the Lupercalia: History, Myth, Ritual, and its Indo-European Heritage Viva: 16 July 2015. Awarded: 1 October 2016; Supervisors: Prof. Stephen Heyworth, Prof. Gavin Flood, Dr Anna Clark; Examiners: Prof. Christopher Smith and Dr Matthew Robinson
    • 2009-11 Master of Arts in English and Classics at the University of Zadar (summa cum laude)
    • 2006-09 Bachelor of Arts in English and Classics at the University of Zadar (summa cum laude)


    • 2020-22 Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt foundation €84,000
    • 2018 European Union Marie Skłodowska-Curie Seal of Excellence Award for my research proposal on the environmental history of the river Tiber
    • 2017-18 Rome Fellow of the British School at Rome (funded by the British Academy) £15,000
    • 2016 Craven Fund Award (Faculty of Classics, Oxford) to pursue research (as Visiting Fellow) at the American Academy in Rome £2,000
    • 2014 Funding and sponsorship by the Faculty of Classics and the Faculty of Oriental Studies (Oxford) for the conference Historical Consciousness and Historiography: 3000 B.C.—A.D. 600) £12,000
    • 2013 Craven Fund Award (Faculty of Classics, Oxford) to pursue research at the British School at Rome £1,800
    • 2011-14 Oxford University Press Clarendon Fund Scholarship (given to most promising fresher students of the year across all disciplines in Oxford), £40,500
    • 2010-11 “Top Student” scholarship by the President of Croatia €5,000
    • 2011 The Rector’s Award for academic excellence (University of Zadar) €1,000



    • 2023 Wolves of Rome: The Lupercalia from Roman and Comparative Perspectives (Walter de Gruyter, Berlin), 336 pages.
    • The Living Streams: Rivers as More-than-Human Entities in the Ancient World. Cambridge Elements in Environmental Humanities (Cambridge University Press, New York, under contract)

    Peer-reviewed articles

    • 2023 “River, Giant, and Hubris: A Note on Vergil, Aeneid 8.330-3”, Classical Quarterly (submitted)
    • 2022 “The Mighty Streams: Coping with Rivers in the Ancient World”, Arcadia: Explorations in Environmental History 14 (online journal)
    • 2021 “The Indo-European Daughter of the Sun: Greek Helen, Vedic Saranyu and Slavic Morana”, Nouvelle Mythologie Comparée 6 (online journal), (with Maria M. Glavan)
    • 2020 “Initiation into the Mysteries of Augustus: The Liberalia and the Forum Augustum”, In Gremium 14: 7-18
    • 2020 “Silvia’s Stag on the Tiber: The setting of the Aeneid’s casus belli”, Mnemosyne 73.3: 464–82
    • 2019 “Caves, Sex, and Criticism of Augustus’s Rule: Ovid and the Age of Augustus”, Sic 9.1 (online journal)
    • 2019 “All the events of a dream: The ‘Real’ Ligeia from Homer to E.A. Poe”, PsyArt: An Online Journal for the Psychological Study of the Arts 23: 152-86
    • 2018 “The Topography of the Lupercalia”, Papers of the British School at Rome 86: 37-60
    • 2016 “Roman Myth and Ritual: The Groups of Luperci and Epigraphic Evidence”, Epigraphica 78: 43-52
    • 2015 “Virgins and Prostitutes in Roman Mythology”, Latomus 74.2: 313-38 (with D. Nečas Hraste)
    • 2013 “Legendary Caesar and the Architect Ariadne: Narrative, Myth and Psychology in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and Inception”, PsyArt: An Online Journal for the Psychological Study of the Arts 17: n.p. (with R. Petković)
    • 2011 “Rudra-Shiva and Silvanus-Faunus: Savage and Propitious”, The Journal of Indo-European Studies 39.1 & 2: 100-15 (with D. Nečas Hraste)

    Chapters in edited volumes

    • (forthcoming) “Rivers and Fluid Identities in the Fasti”, in T. E. Franklinos & J. Ingleheart (eds.), New Perspectives on Propertian and Ovidian Elegy. Oxford University Press, Oxford.
    • (forthcoming) “River, Agency, and Gender: An Ecocritical Reading of the Myths of the Tiber”, in E. Eidinow and Ch. Schliephake (eds.) Conversing with Chaos: Writing and Reading Environmental Disorder in Ancient Texts. Bloomsbury, London.
    • (forthcoming) “Ancient Italian Mythologies”, in R.D. Woodard (ed.) The Cambridge History of Mythography and Mythology. Cambridge University Press, New York. (with Nancy Thomson de Grummond)
    • 2023 “Integrated GPR and Laser-Scanning of Piazza Santa Anastasia, Rome”, in I. Haynes et al. (eds.) Non-Intrusive Methodologies for Large-Area Urban Research. Archaeopress Archaeology, Oxford, 94-8 (with E. Pomar, S. Kay and P. Campbell)
    • 2023 “The Festival of the Lupercalia as a Vehicle of Cultural Memory in the Roman Republic”, in M.T. Dinter and C. Guérin (eds.) Cultural Memory in Republican and Augustan Rome. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 281-93

    Chapters in edited volumes (continued)

    • 2022 “Routes”, in D. Duncan and J. Burns (eds.) Transnational Modern Languages: A Handbook. Liverpool University Press, Liverpool, 251-60 (with Peter Campbell)
    • 2021 神話の紡がれかた (Shinwa no tsumugarekata), “Greek and Roman Mythology”, in Y. Kasai and V. Cazzato (eds.) 古典の挑戦  (Koten no Chōsen) Challenges in Classics. Chisen Shokan, Tokyo, 259-84
    • 2020 “The Lovers and the Rebel: Reading the Double Heroides as an Exilic Text”, in T.E. Franklinos and L. Fulkerson (eds.) Constructing Authors and Readers in Appendices Vergiliana, Tibulliana, and Ouidiana. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 242-61

    Book Reviews

    • 2022 D.-E. Padilla Peralta, Divine Institutions: Religions and Community in the Middle Roman Republic (Princeton, Oxford). Religious Studies Review 47.4, 527
    • 2021 T. Thompson and G. Schrempp, The Truth of Myth (Oxford). Journal of Indo-European Studies 48.3-4, 542-3
    • 2020 David Leeming, Sex in the World of Myth (London). Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2020.10.51 (online journal)
    • 2019 B. Ware Allen, Tiber: Eternal River of Rome (Lebanon, NH). Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2019.08.40 (online journal)
    • 2018 A. Versluis, Platonic Mysticism (Albany, NY). The Classical Review 69.1 61–63
    • 2017 A. Giovannini, (2015) Les institutions de la République romaine des origines à la mort d’Auguste (Basel). Classical Review 67.1: 168-9
    • 2014 R.D. Woodard (2013) Myth, Ritual and The Warrior in Roman and Indo-European Antiquity (Cambridge). Kratylos 59: 145-54
    • 2014 J. Haudry (2009) Triade Pensée, Parole, Action dans la tradition indo-europenne (Milan). Kratylos 59: 138-45


    Invited speaker

    • 2023 “Floods of the Tiber in Ancient Rome: Resilience, Deforestation, Interpretations”, workshop Trees and the Anthropocene in Greek and Roman Antiquity, University of St Andrews
    • 2023 “Iuppiter, Dyauš, and Indra: some comparative reflections on the sky god and warriors”, conference Les dieux souverains dans les mondes anciens à l’épreuve du comparatisme, Université de Liège
    • 2022 “Reading Ovid from an Ecocritical Perspective”, conference Laetae Segetes VIII, Department of Classical Studies, Masaryk University, Brno
    • 2022 “The Tiber in Roman Environmental History”, course Humanity in the Classical Landscape, University of St Thomas
    • 2021 “Marriage, Animal Desire, and Conceptions of Sovereignty in Indo-European Traditions”, CRASSH Graduate Seminar Series Grammars of Marriage and Desire, University of Cambridge
    • 2021 “The River in Flux: The Tiber in Roman Religion and Mythology”, Department of Ancient History research seminar, University of Göttingen
    • 2021 “Wolves, Twins, and Rivers: Beyond Nature and Culture in Early Rome and Italy”, workshop Interdisciplinary Engagement in Ancient Environmental Studies II: new directions in ecocritical approaches to classical literature, Centre for Ancient Environmental Studies Workshop, University of St Andrews
    • 2019 “Saving the Environment: The Tiber, Roman religion and mythology”, Department of the Classics Latin literature seminar, Harvard University
    • 2019 “Saving the Environment: The Tiber, Roman religion and mythology”, Department of Classics Colloquium, University of Pennsylvania
    • 2019 “Is It All about Sex? The Lupercalia in literature, history and archaeology”, Conference Celebrating the Divine — Roman Festivals in Art, Religion, and Literature, University of Virginia
    • 2019 “Death by Water: Myths of the Tiber, the underworld, and human sacrifice”, Department of Archaeology Research Seminar, University of Reading
    • 2018 “Reading the Double Heroides as an Exilic Text”, Conference Constructing Authors and Readers in the Appendices Vergiliana, Tibulliana, and Ovidiana, University of Oxford
    • 2018 “Young Men and Cattle Raids: The Lupercalia from Comparative Perspectives”, Workshop Mastery, Ownership, Divinity: Self and Power in Transregional and Transtemporal Perspectives, LudwigMaximilians-Universität München

    Other conference presentations

    • 2022 “Human and Non-Human Animals and Modern Environmental Discourse”, Defining the Human in Environmental Humanities, Venice International University
    • 2022 “Hybrid Entities: the Horror of Human and Animal Combined”, Locus Horridus: Roman anxieties about Nature, the Finnish Institute in Rome
    • 2022 “The River Tiber in Ancient Rome: Myths and Objects”, Roman Archaeology Conference, Split (with archaeologist Peter Campbell)
    • 2022 “Ovid’s Rivers and Fluid Identities”, at the panel “Ovid and the Natural World”, Society for Classical Studies Annual Meeting, San Francisco
    • 2021 “The Lupercalia from Prehistory to Late Antiquity: A Case Study in the Resilience of Roman Religion”, European Society for the Study of Religions Annual Meeting, University of Pisa
    • 2021 “The Dynamics of Gender in Motion: The Luperci and Roman Masculinity”, Ritual Movement in Antiquity and Beyond, University of Rome (Sapienza)
    • 2021 “The River Tiber, Environmental History, and Gender”, Society for Classical Studies Annual Meeting, panel New Environmental History: Promises and Pitfalls
    • 2020 “The River and the City: The Tiber and Roman Mythology”, Workshop Ancient Environments and their Legacy (org. by E. Eidinow and Ch. Schliephake) online
    • 2019 “The Dynamics of Gender in Motion: The Luperci and Roman Masculinity”, Conference Sex and the Ancient City, University of Cyprus
    • 2019 “Tiber Island, the island of Asclepius?”, Conference Sanctuaries and Experience, Institute of Classical Studies, London
    • 2017 “Initiation in the Mysteries of Augustus: The Liberalia and Forum Augustum”, Conference Cultural Memory in the Augustan Age, Université Paris-Est, Créteil
    • 2016 “Caves in Ovid”, Biannual conference Réseau de recherche et de formation à la recherche «Poésie augustéenne», University of Florence
    • 2016 “The Lupercalia as a Vehicle of Cultural Memory in the Roman Republic”, Conference Cultural Memory in the Roman Republic, King’s College London
    • 2016 “Roman Myth and History: The Memory of the Fabii at Cremera”, 9th Celtic Conference, panel Myth and History in the Historiography of Early Rome, University College Dublin
    • 2014 “The Wolf in Roman Myth and Ritual”, Europaeum Classics Conference, Université Paris-Sorbonne
    • 2013 “Faunus/Silvanus and Vedic Rudra: An Indo-European God of Animals and his Sexuality”, Conference International Colloquium of Anthropology and Comparative Mythology of the Indo-European World, Université Catholique de Louvain


    • 2023 Member of research project The Geopraxis of water and land management at Venice, at the University of Venice, Ca’ Foscari
    • 2021-25 Member of project Alaudae on the Latin works of Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, the first gay activist in the modern world (three volumes under contract with Bloomsbury)
    • 2021-23 Member of research project Resources of Resilience from the Classical to the Roman Imperial Period, funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (the German national foundation for sciences and humanities)


    • 2022 International interdisciplinary conference The Living Streams: New Perspectives on Ancient Rivers, The Swedish Institute in Athens
    • 2021 International interdisciplinary workshop Roman Waters, LMU München
    • 2018 International interdisciplinary symposium River and the City: The Tiber in Archaeology, Cult and Myth, The British School at Rome
    • 2017 International Coordinator and Steering Committee member: Classics conference Natales Grate Numeras, University of Zadar
    • 2013 International interdisciplinary conference Historical Consciousness and Historiography: 3000 B.C.—A.D. 600, Merton College, Oxford


    • 2023- Member of Steering Committee of Centre for Receptions of Antiquity, University of St Andrews
    • 2020- Review Editor of the Journal of Indo-European Studies
    • 2021 Reviewed research proposals for books for Routledge
    • 2015-18 Interviewer for admissions at the University of Oxford
    • 2016-23 Peer-reviewed papers for international journals Philologus, Graeco-Latina Brunensia, Greece & Rome, Classical World, The Journal of Indo-European Studies, Arethusa
    • 2016-17 Member of the Bridging Provision Working Group which set up a bridging course for undergraduate freshers from under-represented backgrounds starting their Classics course at the University of Oxford
    • 2016-22 Taught courses on Greek and Roman Religion and Mythology, Latin Literature at Tokyo Oxford Summer Programme (summer school)
    • 2016-17 Assessed examinations at the Faculty of Classics, Oxford: Intermediate Greek, Advanced Latin, Elementary Greek, Unseen translations from Greek and Latin
    • 2016 Provided editorial assistance to David Raeburn for his book Greek Tragedies as Plays for Performance (Oxford, Wiley Blackwell)
    • 2016 Proofread the Greek text for a complete edition of Sappho’s poems (Sappho of Lesbos, Darengo publications, London)
    • 2014 Founding Core Member of the Early Text Cultures interdisciplinary project set up by University of Oxford postgraduate students in the humanities


    • 2023 Recorded a YouTube video on ancient sexualities with Prof. Jelena Pilipović for The Classical World channel
    • 2022 Gave a talk “Indo-European Studies, Mythology and Decolonisation” to the London Classicists of Colour, a group of students from all London universities. Video uploaded to YouTube
    • 2021 Blog post “Global Classics or Ancient Studies? Towards a New Manifesto for an Old Discipline” Decolonizing Intellectual History blog, University of St Andrews
    • 2021 Gave a talk at the workshop Interdisciplinary Engagement in Ancient Environmental Studies II, St Andrews Centre for Ancient Environmental Studies, University of St Andrews, video uploaded to YouTube
    • 2020 Podcast on Roman mythology in Livy’s history with the University of Zagreb
    • 2018-19 Acted as professional consultant on artists’ projects at the British School at Rome and articles for Time magazine (New York)
    • 2018 Published an article on my research in The Guardian: “Friends, Romans, naked wolf-men… why an ancient festival is still controversial” (15/02/18). The article had over 100,000 views
    • 2018 Public Lecture “Early Rome: Myth, History, and the Environment”, British School at Rome, video also published on YouTube
    • 2017 Acted as historical advisor to artist Jennifer Taylor on her performance “The Lupercalia” (British School at Rome)
    • 2017 Wrote a series of texts titled “When in Rome…Roman sexualities” for the University of Oxford outreach and widening-access project Oxplore: the home of big questions, commissioned under the heading “Does it matter who you love?” to mark the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in the United Kingdom
    • 2017 Organized and taught at an outreach workshop on Roman religion “Ancient Mysteries, Roman Myths” for the general public (Oriel College, Oxford)
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