Institute of Greek and Latin Studies

The Institute of Greek and Latin Studies conducts research in the linguistic, literary, historical and cultural aspects of several language regions, stretching across a number of historical periods and encompassing the region’s geographical diversity. Chronologically, the research extends from the earliest evidence of Greek and Roman cultures and their Indo-European roots, through the classical period until the Middle Ages (Latin Medieval Studies; Byzantine Studies) and – as far as Greek is concerned – until the present (Modern Greek Studies). This scholarly scope allows our Institute to offer a wide range of programmes: four BA majors and six MA majors.

  • Philology – Latin language and literature (BA, MA)
  • Philology – Teaching of Latin language and literature for secondary schools (MA)
  • Philology – Ancient Greek Philology (BA, MA)
  • Philology – Modern Greek Philology (BA, MA)
  • Philology – Latin Medieval Studies (MA)
  • History – History of Ancient Civilization (BA, MA)

All the BA and MA programmes are double honours programmes (i.e. they should be should be studied in combination with another double honours programme, with the exception of Latin Medieval Studies (MA), which is acknowledged as a double honours as well as a single honour programme.

The Department also offers PhD studies in three programmes:

  • Philology – Classical Philology
  • Philology – Latin Medieval Studies and Neo-Latin Studies
  • Historical Sciences – History of Classical Antiquity

Information concerning study matters is provided by:


Institute coordinator: Lucie Doležalová,
Faculty coordinator: Andrea Čapková,


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