Ancient Greek Philology

Both the BA and the MA programmes in Ancient Greek Philology include the study of ancient Greek language, literature, history and culture.

BA programme:

The three-year BA programme in Ancient Greek Philology focuses on a solid acquisition of  Greek language and on the study of all major issues in  literature, history, religion and culture of ancient Greece. The programme is particularly well suited to students with a range of interests, and it provides them with exposure to a wide variety of disciplines. The graduate will be able to understand a Greek text and interpret it adequately in its linguistic, cultural and historical contexts. He/she will be capable of working with secondary sources and applying relevant scientific methods.

The study is primarily framed as preparation for the MA programme in Ancient Greek Philology and other related fields of study (e.g. Religious Studies, Philosophy, Comparative Linguistics and Comparative Literature).

MA programme:

The two-year MA programme in Ancient Greek Philology deals with all aspects of ancient Greek culture. The graduate will have acquired a high level of language competence allowing him/her to translate difficult and advanced Greek texts. He/she will have a comprehensive knowledge of the history of Greek language and its dialects, as well as of new linguistic approaches. He/she will be well-versed in Greek literature of the archaic, classical and late periods and will have grasped contemporary interpretation strategies in both the field of Greek literature and that of Greek religion. He/she will possess detailed knowledge of the individual periods of the history of  ancient Greek world, appropriate historical sources and auxiliary sciences, as well as of the methods of researching ancient history.

In addition, he/she will have acquired further skills by attending optional courses, as well as competence in Latin and in the methods of specialized research in addition to an ability to use primary as well as secondary sources in a variety of languages.

Greek studies also lead directly to many different careers. A Greek studies graduate can pursue any career that demands intellectual flexibility, self-education, communication skills, critical and analytical skills, as well as research skills. Successful and motivated students have the opportunity to work in scientific institutes, publishing houses, museums and other institutions that require a good cultural overview and education in humanities; they are capable of doing translation work or continuing their studies in the PhD programme in Classical Philology and related fields of study (Ancient History, Comparative Literature, General and Comparative Linguistics, Religious Studies, Aesthetics, etc.) in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

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