Classical Philology

The Ph.D. programme in Classical Philology enables students to pursue their individual academic interests within the following four specialisations: classical philology with a specialisation in Greek linguistics / Latin linguistics, classical philology with a specialisation in Greek literature / Roman literature. The programme is focused upon the study of ancient literary and non-literary texts as they have been preserved, within the context of relevant theoretical disciplines and methodology. The aim of the programme is to train young experts in order to ensure the continuity of research into the era that has a great historical and cultural importance for Europe.

Graduates of the Ph.D. programme in Classical Philology are experts in classical languages / ancient literature, capable of developing their knowledge in a creative manner. Their dissertation theses testify to the graduates’ excellent expertise within the specialisation of their choice in the field of classical philology, including a reliable grounding in literary or linguistic theories. Graduates are equipped with knowledge, methods and language skills that are essential for independent research careers. They are able to present their research findings at conferences, in journals, monographs, and new editions of ancient texts. Graduates can seek employment as researchers and university lecturers, as well as editors and translators of scholarly publications.

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