Ancient History

The Ph.D. programme in Ancient History enables students to pursue their individual academic interests either in Greek or Roman history, always within a broader cultural context. The programme is focused upon the study of ancient literary and non-literary texts as they have been preserved, and relevant contemporary scholarly literature. Students of the Ph.D. programme are provided with a sound grounding in appropriate theoretical disciplines and general methods applied in Ancient History studies. The aim of the programme is to train young experts in order to ensure the continuity of research into the era that has a great historical and cultural importance.

Graduates of the Ph.D. programme in Ancient History have a profound knowledge of the cultural history of ancient societies, including the political and socio-economic character of ancient states, as well as the cultural aspects of their historical development. They have language skills essential for independent individual and team research, are able to interpret literary and non-literary sources critically and have adequate knowledge of closely related disciplines. Graduates are able to situate the results of specific research into a more general context and to discern the influence of the Classical tradition on later European cultural and historical development, including its role in the current search for the shape and objectives of a consolidating Europe.



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